as the phone rang

can’t even tell you now

what the fuss was about

we were at her friends’ place

said we’d babysit their kids

stay in the spare room

Saturday night sucking on red wine

just talking no tv just the radio

& something went awry

I misspoke said something wrong

hell got let loose world war times 3

with no way back in the face of fire

the only course of action

seemed to me for overreaction

was to get up to go

& that was even worse

how dare I leave her alone in this place?

I made the door found the breath

take the long walk home

opened my own door

found a cold beer waiting

sat in the chair breathing deep

thinking simple thoughts

I’d had enough crazies

never ever wanted another

as the phone rang

rang rang rang

in exile

I wrote to her

the pain of being in exile

just to see if

she thought of coming home

& she wrote back

checking to see if I was ok

did I need her to ‘phone?

what I didn’t know

she was settled where she was

found her new life

got a new man

thinking of babies

buying a new place to live

maybe next time

she might come visit?

& I reassured I was good

all ok

it would be nice to see her

no rush need to ‘phone

then I took a long walk

sometimes a man

just needs to be

with his thoughts