let out a sigh

I did this to me

she was beautiful in so many ways

that it did not matter

she was another mans wife

I took the line hook & sinker

that all of that was over

dived right in for all my days

took her wandering in spain

where she became

you guessed it

more than a bit of a pain

everything was wrong

food drink heat light travelling

& of course me I was the wrongest of all

realising I could never make her mine

sitting in a bar glass in hand


me not she had done this to me

I’d ignored all warning signs

& all I had to do now

was to get me out of the mess

I had created over again

escape with all limbs intact

tho’ peace of mind might be a stretch

get her back home where she belonged

& me to some place I might feel safe

could sit back learn something try over

let out a sigh