you talk to people

she says

you fit in

with all sorts

of people

create changes

in your words

modality cadence timing

accent dialect

& I don’t know

who you are anymore

I ask

am I kind to you



but she needs answers

wants more

tho’ I have nothing more

to give

& then it hits

she wants less

much less


somebody small



to fit in her pocket

her own little world

standing in a room

no warning on the packet

I find myself feeling loss

standing in a room

staring out the window

feeling some dread for nothing

as I wonder where you are

there was no warning

anywhere on the packet

I know ‘cos I searched

high & low

not wanting these emotions

expecting them

after the day I fell for you

I’m happy getting the highs

but these dips when you go away

loss & less in empty rooms

were unexpected