tight & tighter

so many jams

tight corners

that I’d talked my way


finding myself caught up

again & again

trying to find new ways

to be

& to create

a decent way out

without hurting people

meant I ended up

hurting me

that’s the problem with people

they’ll happily watch

as you trap yourself

stand idle by & giggle

as you flail

your way out

& she was

one of those women

who will do anything for you

but you can never quite touch

find your way into

not remote

not stand offish

just never quite there

present but away somewhere

responsive though I felt

her agenda lay elsewhere

& to ask outright

what do you want?

is an affront

expectations being

if she did not want to be here

then she wouldn’t

waiting on a friend

hey sugar

she sighed

slipping into

onto the seat

next to mine

why’re you by yourself

on a Saturday night?

waiting on a friend

I said

though I wasn’t

there was nobody wanted

expected here

you don’t want company?

it was my turn to sigh


easing off the seat

now I’d have to find

another bar

different place

than be drawn into

onto someone else’s

plans schemes

other than my own