& even if I went there

I did not know any other way to be

no clues ideas inspiration

all support had dried away

& even if I went there

they too

had no other clues to give

I needed to change

change my life change me

without knowing

where I was heading

the route plan map to be

so I stopped dead

in whatever I was doing

got down to the basics

eating sleeping reading

noticing the world as it is

began building things in again

& if they did not work

help create a better day

dropped them quick

a long series of start stops

learning everyday

mistakes mishaps

which as you might gather

is still going on today

the tiles

on my bathroom floor

remind look like pictures of Jupiter

& I wonder if there is a message there

of everything being connected

as we are made of stardust

does some of this

want to go home?

but no

I am just a foolish

bored old man looking for something

to take me through the day

& if that worked for Li Po


I’ll take that as inspiration

I wash up

go into the kitchen

to wonder what is there

provide enlightenment

help me get through this hell

that is life today