el dottore is in

Dr. Benstein suggests

that the patient

this writer

has compulsions obsessions

enough to sink a battleship

to put down the line

get shit out of his system

of which

the results are not always

beautiful to others

though they are pretty telling

of the id ego super ego

competing for space

in the imperfect man

yet there is potential

in his search for enlightenment

for some gestalt

but this

in itself

is no substitute

for a real job

earning money

the hardest part

mind wandering fixated by glow

staring into a coldening fire

which part is you

whose part are you dealing with

your concerns

own philias fears

or those of your mother father

their unresolved id

then it clears

it is just another BBQ fire

& somebody asking

if you want any leftover meat?

the madness of parents

wanting their kids to resolve

their relationship shit

this guy who shouted

if I moved the torch helping fix the car

she using me to gain some fake advantage

in their fixed match game

no, no burger please

but I will take another beer

as the coals die that bit more

& the night begins to pull in