I took the hooks in deep
thinking this was just us
finding our way to us being us
difficulties of adjusting to the other
good love always takes time
there was nothing to warn
I was slowly taking in line
with the switch & turn of moods
talking about music, books & film
becoming about deeper thoughts
ambition, fantasies, past loves
soul mining in the appearance of kind
all useful ammunition against
when in the trenches
as the hooks begin to hurt
weighted strong
to keep you low down in the dirt
when you wake up
to this ain’t love
this is some other blue twisted kind
becomes a fuzzy head game
what to do when you’ve given up so much
invested in time, care & money deep
all to be angry disentanglement
from barbed hooks, line & wire
that push me pull you twisted desire
fast wrong turns taken at night
running dark from the warm belly
of her beast
& into
the light