never enough

creating connections

layering on history

grandad did this

grandma loved those

aunty wore that colour

you take after your parents

her hair his nose

& on

creating connections

with people now gone

to enhance today

because being

is never enough

in itself

da club

you know where it is

who goes

gets included

& know for sure

who gets through the door

& more importantly

that you won’t

not a question

of clothes manners money


are you one of them?

went to the right schools

colleges university

on the back of daddy’s

foundation family funds

in a line going back in history

the in crowd

made clear

because you

are not there

where you belong

no words to offer of solace

standing there at the sink

dealing with dishes

soap & hot water up to my elbows

thinking what I might say to you

& nothing comes

out of my own history

the last I saw of my father

months before he died

he was no longer there

my mother of course long gone

at least I got to tidy up after him

sort out the funeral say hello to people

but for you this is your first last goodbye

& if you all you can do is cry

let the tears flow my love

this is where you belong

Laid to Waste land

I hear they are digging up dictators now

pulling down statues

is the new fashion

hoping all of this changes everything

a finale end to our inglorious past

those difficult days gone by

laid waste by

these lumpen hammer goodbyes

to all the to the troubles in the world

while we will now search endlessly

for a fresh new utopia

minus the disreputable dead

cast in concrete & bronze

built in now problematic statuary

& what shall we destroy

once these are gone?

such servile reminders

of what not to do

or will we be free

to do those terrible things

all over again

once these

are no more?