love is not never enough

she will never know

not being in the habit

of asking anything

not about herself

I tried


worked hard to forgive

if never quite forget

for forgetting is not to be watchful

of the same shit being pulled again

I tried & worked hard

putting in the hours of care

only for this to mean nothing

for I forgave

while she gave nothing up

carried on much the same

I’d hoped she would see

feel care being given

& maybe learn to give care back

because I’m told

all you need is love

to change the world

though I knew full well

that people will only do what is easiest

do what they have always done

unless they feel enough pain

to deviate them from their path

love is not never enough

& sure enough

the same shit stunts got pulled


leaving no option

but to walk away

down the one way street


you have a loose foot eh?

yeah, I guess I do

I had to get out of my beginnings

the people there

had such a thin view of what I could be

& the habit went on growing

I kept on keeping on to pastures new

& if I can share one secret

listen in children listen up close

if you begin to put roots down

put an ear to the ground

people around you

if you sit still for one second

who have not known you long

will tell you straight

who & what you are

what they will want you to be

& if you like that just fine

keep on putting in those roots

but if you don’t like your box

want to break its confines

pull ‘em up & get walking

try your luck in a new town

be who you are there

see if they can understand