birthday boy

she asked me what I wanted

& I had very few ideas

ok howsabout need?

& I asked her for a mickey mouse watch

the eyebrows lifted

as did the top lip

I forgot about it

& then on my birthday

I got some booze always appreciated

& the mickey mouse watch

I had to get a bigger bracelet strap

she said all smiles

put it on

tell me why you needed it

no great story I said

just as a kid I always wanted one

& as we know now

if you don’t get things when you want ‘em

they become a need

she got me

she got me she said

understood my wandering soul

or was it affections

gave plenty of pens

good solid paper

left me to draw my own


& I wanted her there

beside me as my friend

though she wanted more

that bit she didn’t get

though she said she understood

how hard it was to get out of bed

only to do more of the same

each & every day

nobody there

to provide solace in my evenings

she was prepared to do that

if I was interested in offering the other

& how to create a desire

where none exists?

& worse sustain that over time

of course she hates me now

says all I did was take take take

in the name of artistic freedom