Twice a year

Twice a year

three times if she’s flush

in a tiny calle

middle of Benidorm

she visits to stop & hug

the ancient olive tree

roots spreading over ground

that was there before the tower hotels

the cheap booze bars

1.50 for coffee & brandy or tia maria

eateries vying for your holiday cash

she stops to hug the tree

she & him first met & kissed under

that joyful time long ago

he is gone now

to the great free buffet

all you can eat drink

beer by the jug

there in the great beyond

she stops

hugs the tree

conscious yet ignoring

the gaze of others

lost in the moment

remembering him the care

forgetting the pain loss

empty arms bed she has now

in place of the man she loved

people got insurance

there at the bar

man is feeling flush

had a little touch last night

& tonight he’s all flash

new suit new shoes

new shirt new attitude

& who cares if some no mark


is missing some jewellery tv cash?

he’s at the bar buying beers

& no one here is gonna ask

where the money he got came from

people got insurance don’t they?