Saudade V

En barrio altairo

Ven mi amor

traer su dobro

se canta suave y baja

en nuestra dulce casinha

en barrio altairo

para mañana el propietario

vendrá la necesidad de su dinero

no tendremos en partir ir

pero esta noche las estrellas

son brillantes en los ojos

como canta el mar

de los demás en tierras tan lejanas

donde nosotros también

tenga que ir

por lo que ven mi amor

traer su dobro

se canta suave y baja

en nuestra dulce casinha

in barrio altairo

Saudade 8

& somewhere

a tree I planted

bows on the wind

how else would I feel this way?

bending to brush my teeth

feeling wet in the corner of my eyes

some sudden sadness taking over

as I check my feelings

a rush inventory

taken in blindness this early today

has somebody somewhere assassinated

my shadow?

taken silent pot shots on this sullied


a doll in a darkened room

taking on pins pushed in by petty rage

& as I flush the toilet

I throw in their rage age of pain

go back to where you came from

throw on my cloak of invincibility

cast the spell of away & bade it

do not come this way again

Alfredo & me

catching a cab in Tijuana

paying in dollars

as they seem to like that

though being a noob

I have pesos in my hot hand

Alfredo speaks no English

& my Spanish is poco

so we babble for a bit

establishing our own habla

& slowly we get there

talking of lives

he is not impressed

by my being a poet

though he understands the Fado

of portugal

his own ranchera music of lament

needing the money

for his family he misses

many miles away

we part at the border

he wishes me well

& I say as best I can

adios amigo

hasta que nos volvamos

a econtrar

& he laughed out loud

in barrio altairo (Saudade V)

Come my love

bring your dobro

we will sing soft & low

in our sweet casinha

in barrio altairo

for tomorrow the landlord

will come needing his money

& we will have nowhere to go

but tonight the stars

are bright in your eyes

as you sing of the sea

of others in lands so far away

where we too

may have to go

so come my love

bring your old dobro

we will sing soft & low

in our sweet casinha

in barrio altairo

Saudade II

I hear a name called

sounds so like yours

& I twist & turn inside

uncomfortable in my flesh

which lay with you for a while

& If I could have you back

I would not want the pain

living with you brings

so if I sing soft in the night

look towards the setting horizon

towards your lands over there

think of me my lovely

remember that I once cared

to have you beside me

but now must suffer the love

of another

while you walk free every day

to the arms of your husband

a different lover


I could’ve told you

The air on fire
in portuguese mountains
driving thru’ hot ashes
blackened forests
I’d love to do fado
but you are gone
cool mornings
on a french beach
before people spoil it
playing in the waves
surfing for me
coffee in Spanish bars
thin sweet pastries with custard
sugar wrappers on the floor
but you are not here
autumn in England
leaves, mist and rain
driving to destinations
songs on the radio
coats, hats wind in our hair
like that spring picking bluebells
these we will never do again
because you are not here
my friend I thought
who would always be
has gone