got things to say

I was sitting right there

but felt I was back row

she had things to say

he had things to say

& those alongside

guess what?

also had things to bray

& me in the back row

had stopped listening

some long time ago

not that they weren’t


had points to make

but man when they’re

not listening

my ears begin to ache

& all I want to say

is just shut up please

a man needs some quiet

has thinking to do

to get his mind at ease

we called the road our own

we used to drive

when we had things to talk over

both facing front

watching the world slide by

no phones no tv no music

only the rhythm of the road

listening with the ears

our eyes watching for other things

the rules were easy enough

say what you got to say

no response for a minute two

to think over what was said

how you felt about that

no pots crockery to throw

no desire to crash into a wall

just understanding the other

was there to communicate

no offense no hurt no wars

sharp as the days they were made

sitting & listening


to old soldiers stories


as the days they were made

hoping for clues


some moral compass


to live by

but no

they are just jokes

tall shaggy dog tales

non sequiturs

played only

to eke out the day

they plow on

either forgetful or uncaring

I have heard each fable before

my only use here

is as ears

Four & a half

thousand miles

& I spoke not one word

to anybody

anything of consequence

not one word

the tv told me things

as did the free papers

things I saw for sure

my own eyes

& nobody needed then

to hear what I had to say

a lot like now

but this at least

has some linear sense

thought in cohesion

than my impressions

back of the middle eyeball

third ear wide open