drop you a line

wanted me to drop by say hi

& I went because I’d heard

he was dying & wanted to see

me & Judy split he says

like tears are hiding close by

yeah I heard some story

she found you & her friend?

he scowled like a dog at that

just a thoughtless fling y’know?

anyway I asked you to drop by

talk of times how we let our friendship slide

can you remember how that happened?

could it be the money you borrowed

the music you stole from me

you saw me broke & walked away?

I don’t recall one bit of that he sighed

I thought it was about the time

we shared that apartment

I couldn’t pay the rent ran away

forgot to drop you a line

to tell you I’d met someone new

I’d see you right if not in cash in kind

can I get you a drink? I can’t I’m dying

busted heart broken body mind all gone

yeah ok make it strong & I’ll stay a little longer

I always was a sucker for your lines