hadn’t yet understood

one of those chance encounters

fella is talking in the street

got a cause to support

& he wants us to be just that

I stand & listen for a while

thinking of counters

support in equal measure

& as I clear my throat

to offer my pennyworth

he gives me a look

makes it clear

he’s taken in my shoes

lack of dress code

to suit his beliefs

& I close my mind too

walk on

trying to be cool

I was hoping to explain

trying to be cool

will be a waste of all your time

either you are or you aren’t

kinda cool don’t cut it

& sorta in the zone

is a long cut for no

I didn’t think I’d get through

he was on his way to search

for the good shoes

right cut of jeans

& shirt to make the ensemble pop

kid had the money

to really buy his way in

I offered kind as

he’ll be a long time running

keeping on to be in

& then I caught his look

checking out my cut

the don’t give a shit dress code

& his casual soft lip sneer said

what the fuck would I know

about cool?