sitting kitty corner of the café bar

sipping a kir

reading the Sud-Ouest local paper

deciphering translating the French


in they came

four thirty something women

one heading straight to the toilettes

two looking around not seeing

& one hanging back checking out the place

they then sat ordered coffee & water

kind of reading the menu

as their talk turned to destinations

leave the waiters alone eh?

as they giggled nudging each other

this time

this time around

I’m going to land a doctor

a man who earns a good living

has a career a steady wage

that other people look up to

are you serious? they whooped

where are you going to find one of those?

now all laughing together

while I was thinking


what are you going to use

as bait?

bill of sale

I was floundering

out there on my own

& the suggestion came

time to talk to someone son

found my way to

went & talked to the doctor lady

she told me plain

I might be missing components

raised from the cradle

the way I was

I’d keep picking

the wrong kind of women

but prescription there was none

meantime do the best I could

just keep on pinballin’

hitting the bumpers soft easy

until fate brought me

to the right one

thug with unkind action

just a routine check up

invited to the surgery

& the banal questions they ask

how are the knees?

well Doc I’ve done a round or two

you were a boxer?

no not at all but y’know

I’ve swung when I’ve needed to

never was a back alley scrambler

as he retreats further behind his desk

more of a lover than a fighter

y’know how that goes….

& what do you do?

he inquired uneasy

I’m a writer

a poet

ah he says soft smile

growing comfortable

understanding now

he’s dealing with just another lunatic

in his day to day

not a thug with unkind action

just in the words please

Back to a life

Arguing with doctors is never a great idea
they hold the belief that theirs is the winning card hand
under normal circumstances this holds true
but there are phrases to use save being thrown off
their lengthy roster of acquiescent clients
I am prepared to take full responsibility for my medication
being a really strong one, the others lack that bite
I am not dissenting from your position but I wish
to go down a different treatment route…..
the thing with il dottore’s is they prefer the lighter way
when what sometimes, not all the times, no fool needs that,
is a nuclear beginning with a guerrilla back story approach
I was regressing back into lyme disease & needed the drugs
sadly nothing pleasurable & he didn’t want to hear me back again
we’ve done everything we can now it’s up to nature to take its course
the inference being it’s not Lyme you neurotic sap it’s all in your head
of course it was, they were everywhere inside of me, killing my life
I laid the line upon him could hear the hook begin to sink in
Ok, ok, let’s try this but just this once & we’ll monitor you each week
two weeks later we are best friends, I’m getting back to a life
I feel I can live,
he’s not going to make the medical courts,
he’s got a smile
because of course medicine is all about him