go visit

they never asked

so I never told them

what it cost


for me to go visit

to try & stay with them

to put myself aside

pretend to forget

for the few hours

we got to play happy families

but always too soon

the cracks would open up

pretence would wear thin

stories would be told

& if I wasn’t quick enough

to slow these down

the sadism would shine through

& I’d have to leave again

thin love

everybody cries

even the ones say they don’t

its all lies

& that’s what cracks you up

when you get to the betrayal

the fine woven web

trapping you like a fly

all she had was a thin love

lasting such a short time

& now she’s gone

you’re out of tears

into the asking why

& worse you get to realise

you pick the ones with thin love

‘cos that’s all


have to give