never enough

creating connections

layering on history

grandad did this

grandma loved those

aunty wore that colour

you take after your parents

her hair his nose

& on

creating connections

with people now gone

to enhance today

because being

is never enough

in itself

Paris London Berlin

cities as a youngling

darker nights streets

much was hidden then

those days

you needed an introduction

a nod

to get to places to go

find like minded


doing stuff


others did not

it seemed everywhere

held intrigue

mutters under the surfaces

where the kings

were those

who could help

make connections

steer you

in the right directions

my puddle hat

creating odd connections to places

this woolly hat

I found in a frozen puddle


her cute socks

we discovered under

our cheap hotel bed


making sure

we had left nothing behind

creating memories of good people

my native design blue white

jacket keeping me warm now

the store clerk in macy’s

gave me friends & family discount

& more for a dirt mark on the cuff

we were are travelling light of funds

& on

shirts from Reno thrift

jeans downtown discount places

wearing t shirts end of range

tying us to towns

cities landscapes


bridges in the rain

special connections

bridges in the rain

riding motorcycles creates those special connections

standing under bridges

scanning the rain clouds for breaks

opportunities to get riding again

laybys, scrapes in the verge to stop

check the load, tires, fix the unfixed

stopping, smelling the flowers, dog shit

trying to ignore the acres of used paper tissue

watching the cars go by as you wait for a friend

bringing tools, spares or meeting up to go on

seeing the deer in the field the speeding cars miss

the badgers playing catch-me-if-you-can in the ditch

shelter standing under the eaves in service stations

listening to the road stories from others traveling light

understanding you may never meet these brothers

ever again in this life

but knowing you have special connections

bridges on the road

come see the clairvoyant

she called

& much against my will

I went

she walked in first

came out all smiles & grins

as I slunk my way in

the woman shuffled the cards

tried to put me at my ease

talked of my life

love & things other

then talked me through the dream

I’d had some time before

lives spent in pain & more

sais she knew this with her

waiting outside

knew of our past life connection

was to end

& try as I might

we could never be friends

should not talk of this again

held out her palm to be crossed

I shook it

said goodnight

wandered back into the night

heading towards another end

like the centuries gone before

everyday would kill you

to feel the leaf in front of your eyes

loaded with green

saccharine & chlorophyll

your connection with it

the rest of the meadow linked in vibrations

holding your body up against the sun

to live

drink in the healing

freely given

exchanged on the path

as the birds sing of the wind

fruit trees ready to give

love available all the time

& the reds

zooming in on flower stems

seeing clear the sap rising

oxygen exchange on the leaf

preparing pollen& nectar

for the bees humming their work songs

& knowing your place

part in all of this

the sun will fall tonight

rise again tomorrow

taking energy to all the peoples

around our pulsing globe

you are connected to

in this living breathing human be-ing

& after a while all of this

& more

will fade as your system clears the drug

to leave you wiser

possibly more in touch

for now you know

what you see every day is but a taste

of the paradise on offer


to see this all the time

will kill you with too much