just just

wind through the trees

ruffling your hair

blowing grit

into my eyes

talking difficult words

explaining divergence

parting of our ways

not through lack

distance or care

just just

the words falling away

our paths

just just

mine going this way

& yours

not with mine

as the wind waved branches

just passing through

holding onto nothing

yet creating commotion


American breakfast

there at the ihop

just off’f the strip

as the pancakes came

commotion at the stop light

big window framing

boy dragging high yellow girl

out of a cab

reaching for her clutch bag

giving her a slight back hand

tears angry words then kisses

they came in eyes all around

staring them down

she all pretty smiles soft talking

him money in hand sitting back

grinning king for the day

full of yeah baby whatever you says

counting cash under the table

we’ll eat then get you fixed

me looking on

this hopper photo play

thinking whatever last night was

is gone

today is a new day

for these cats

to do over again