comes back rubbing his nose

late night call lets go out riding

it’s been a while take our choppers

take a good ride the long way round?

& I try to call off ‘cos I know how it’ll be

he’ll turn up on another bought ride

all chrome paint & purchased style

we’ll set off for an hour so

sign indicate stop for a smoke

hide away somewhere take a bump

come back rubbing his nose

high talking the hills the road scenery

take off high speed clutch drop squeal

& I’ll follow watching him take risks

hell we all do that as we throw a leg over

but these squeezing between cars

not stopping at junctions I’ll happily leave

an hour later we’ll stop for a smoke

tho’ he quit that years ago it’s a joke

comes back rubbing his nose

next stop for gas? then turn for home?

& we’ll stop for a coffee as he talks

some non-stop rap about the future

how anything goes making promises

he forgets about soon as he gets home

‘cos that what coke heads do