like any frog

I had not noticed the water


we don’t like you flying

they said

it’s not very green

good for the planet

so I took the train

where are you? they called

on the train be there later

taking a whole day

for a one hour flight

being green

oh that’s not good enough

oh the clues were there

the water heating up

nothing I was doing

would be good enough


it was time to find a new way

to pay rent


there were clues strewn

I did not pick up

thinking everything we had

was burnt so long ago

that when you said

pick up pick up

only then could I see the trail

leading to your conclusion

& all I could offer back

was silence


we were done then

were more done now

& were only talking

for polite conversation

& that I was only holding onto

for others present

their needing no past

no history no drama

for their consideration

we go to see

this woman

I had something with once

felt things for I think

& she leans in

only a peck on the cheek

on the painted face

I’m searching for clues


where once

I presume

I felt passion

& she talks of how I was

with her

her friends

& the ghosts crowd in

I remember nothing

of her or them

though they feel

they owned

a part of me

enough to feel happy

about that dead past