I was floating

just doing my thing

not taking too much too serious

letting anything that happened


& I took that wave

as far as I could

not that these unfreaks understood

they were fighting each for scraps


stepping over each other

drawing lines drawn redrawn

over in the sand

& they called me feckless

reckless irresponsible

yet now

I look over their castles

still not getting it

because I can reach out

crumble them in my hands

should I ever feel the need

keeps against deadly foes

the dog roses are out now

these have played a strong part

in my years

from covering the doors of our dens

in country hedges

not that we had cottages

ours were forts castles enfilades

keeps against deadly foes

to later making our first loves

with the reverie of girls

I thought I loved & they loved me

to one who married another

with a dog rose motif on her dress

homage she said to her early love

to now where I plant them

where I can

their pale pinks whites & golds

growing through the fruit trees & hedges

to complete the circle