I was floating

just doing my thing

not taking too much too serious

letting anything that happened


& I took that wave

as far as I could

not that these unfreaks understood

they were fighting each for scraps


stepping over each other

drawing lines drawn redrawn

over in the sand

& they called me feckless

reckless irresponsible

yet now

I look over their castles

still not getting it

because I can reach out

crumble them in my hands

should I ever feel the need

less to build the dust

we were going nowhere

heading there fast

this dark haired beauty who drifted in

another lost kid resenting her adoption

her people she felt didn’t care

Kay held me in her pale arms

listened as I scaled the walls

building dream castles

the ways we might have been

if we were not the fuck ups we were

& time always slides by

those days slipped into nights

& somewhere I lost her love

just like the others didn’t give enough

maybe we both were just all alone

& the together was our common song

coming from nowhere going back there fast

until the day she found solace elsewhere

leaving me to carry on on my own

creating castles in thinner air

now there was one less to build the dust