staid for stayed

we were nothing

but bored kids

hanging round our small town

looking for things to do

excited by new

finding booze a rush

stealing it wherever we could

having no funds of our own

looking for drugs

growing plants from bird seed

in the woods

I got out first chance I could

& when or if I go back

to that same small town

I see him skulking the margins

still bored

no funds of his own

looking for something still

be the waiter at the Gonk

I would’ve paid

good money

to be the waiter

at the Gonk

with a line pad

in my back pocket

at the ready


with intent

picking up crumbs

after Dorothy

Dottie & Deems

there would be no bored

at those board meetings

nothing was too much trouble

to be picked over

pulled apart

it seems

remade in the light of wit

the fun in the acid cut

barb of conversation

if you don’t have anything nice to say

come sit by me

Ms Parker is said

to have said



a nod modicum

prime for picking

starved of affection

attention care

I fell for the first one

to give more than

a passing glance

I’d’ve latched on

to the ice queen

if given half chance

a nod modicum

flattery moment

of course you know

this translates

to the lazy giver

as brazen need

they get bored

I got canned

forced by foolishness

to repeat over


how come

he’s bored he says

there’s nothing new in the world

nobody got much to say

of interest vitality worth

& where to start?

are you getting out much?

I try as preamble

no man it’s all a ball ache

the queues the lines people

money to spend

the box?

yeah I watch mebbe 3 or 4 channels

the rest is drivel y’know?

reading? I go

everybody good is dead

the new is just a rehash

newspapers are dead trees

full of opinion that don’t count

yeah yeah I get I say

I wonder just how come

you’re bored…


we met at a party

friends birthday kind of thing

she was sitting alone

looking bored edge of sofa

I moved in to see

we talked for a while

of this that the world

I found myself

talking to an alien

her world so very different

to mine

a gentle path followed

everything flowed

good home good schools

college university

first love & then sadness

failure the first time

& now

she was finding life hard

defeat had taken hold

& I could not help

her bridge across to my world

to see

this was the nature of things

ebb flow ups downs

when her world had been

a clean trajectory


solid gone

the kid I knew

I was looking past

the weight gain

change of threads

bordering on grey

some kind of fawn

straight into those eyes

I remember blazing

night ‘til dawn

ideas riffing

moving 100 miles an hour

& the guy was gone

solid gone

that bright soul no more

spiritually dead

zombie living days

& I asked him

wassup man?

& he told me straight

nothin’ man

just bored y’know

life ain’t fun no more


singing to the stars

looking out over the ocean

waiting for lightning to strike

bright up the sky

profound things to say

expounding to silence

no one to hold my hand

wait for me to cry over

genius spilt on the sand

whistling to the wind

knowing everyone must die

& until then


bored again

no one to appreciate

nowhere to go

be received

no majesty

for this jester in the night


she’s a great looking kid

got a great voice

& she wants to work in the industry

have a career singing to millions

go beyond beyonce or taylor

all said with a sweet smile

covering soft the avarice behind

she has not worked the entertainment mills

the bars cabarets supper clubs

singing late afternoons for two

the bored the drunks the bored drunks

singing for a wage for love for pennies

the experience the heart highs lows

& how do you say to anybody

come back another time

after you’ve been hurt

brought to your knees

found your own voice


depth of soul


wanting me to start the fire

minutes hours

days weeks

months years

as a teen

just waiting for something


to happen

I was but bored

at wits end

in my little town

wondering where

just where the freaks were

people with stuff going on

& later too much later

I realised

they were waiting on me

to get the party started

hiding behind their doors

wanting me to start the fire

while I made better plans

for moving on

just sheer bloody inertia

you could tell me

lead me straight through

your door

but I will never understand

how you live here

when I’m gone

I understand there’s eating

drinking watching the tv

just what you people do

in your living together

seems to be a bore

you don’t talk much

sharing is for losers you say

so the wonder has to be

what is it you got

to make the other stay

is it the shame

hidden under the mattress

pride lost lying on the floor

fear for the world unkown

beyond your tattered curtains

or just sheer bloody inertia

keeps you living in sin?