for Nest Williams (nee)

her people

did not like my people

their bloodlines

stretching back in this place

for hundreds of years

being born living & dying

within their five mile patch

of mountains

where my kind were roamers

drifters reivers

picking up culture whatever

sucking up stuff wherever

we could

spitting out the gritty bits

that did not fit

& always always moving on

& of course they were right

I left her after such a short time

which is not to say

I did not want to stay

or that I would ever forget

we were just different kinds

roads I can’t get to

in other places different worlds

along the ocean highway

up into the mountains

there’s a place we can eat

look out over the world

& these roads I can’t get to

not outside my door

Bike is packed & ready

wanting to head for heaven tonight

twisties along the border

straight lines heading through the plains

the hairs on my arms lifting

as I think on mile after mile

on the edge of the desert

sun lifting my heart

warming through my shirt

& these roads I can’t get to

take me through long winter nights