these days

through the border into spain

mid morning over the pyrenees

the hog growling off rock walls

all I heard was wind & purring

enjoying leaning the curves

then suddenly

cars across the road

machine guns being waved

we were stopped dead

a hand demanding papers

in that universal sign language

we took our helmets off

they saw the blonde

& everything changed

as that always does

they waved us on

later that day on the news

we saw the big story of the day

they’d picked up an ETA fella

being moved over the mountains

back of a Yamaha

that being how they do these things

these days

walking a vineyard

we were walking a vineyard

in the evening summer heat

I was being straight about this

if you want to come along

take the ride

I promise it’ll be interesting

sometimes a little eventful

hills bumps & valleys

be things we’d prefer forget or hide

but baby

you & me can go on forever

we may not get to wear halo’s

be just about getting by

but I’ll stick with you

if you will stick with me

so what do you say baby

you coming inside?

& she tried for a year or two

there wasn’t that much hardship

& the end when it came

was more about the stuff you need

to keep you going

the steel you need solid inside

was missing

covered in a thin veneer

blonde pine

blonde pride

they come to you

like butter would not melt

in those oh so sweet mouths

to leave

screaming & kicking

spitballs of rage

to later call

I do wonder how you are these days

like they left no scars

wounds that have barely healed

I’m ok you say

not wanting to give anything away

then soft with a hint of steel

I hear you’re dating that blonde…?

& you? I go

you seeing mr right?

& the tone changes

like they want to forget

it was they who put the cuts in

created the scars on the heart

yeah you always bounce back don’t you

putting the phone down with a click

I guess she feels she scored somethin’ there

but me I gotta go lie down

feeling a little sick

turning the phone off the music up

a man has to have something

he can rely on