oh they will let you

if making sure

you don’t mark the carpet

soil the drapes

even offer a band aid

raise your hopes

but no

they will cut you again


until you learn

to shut your mouth

head out on your toes

but first they’d like you to know

the bleeding is your problem

the cutting?

is just how life goes

don’t bleed out but just a little

they tried to break me

any way they could

I was no different from any other kid

though they told me other

just to break my will

all I wanted was a family

like they got on the Tv

sitting around eating cereal being home

but I got the other kind

the ones to break my bones

school was just another place

where they messed around some of us

the ones that don’t have carers

without love or a pretty face

but I refused to bend

make it easy for them

sure they call you a rebel

but who wants that shit they’re selling

end up as them treading the same place

& know full there is love out there

you do get to make your choices

can forget those want to break you

drown out the hateful noise

& all you need ever do

is bleed a little not bleed out