that men have

keeping things in

is the problem

amongst many apparently

that men have

be more open she said

tell me about your feelings

so like a good boy I started in

I was having a bit of a er

bit of a lonely moment today

I started to say


do you need a drink?

came back at me

as I was saying before

Joan in the office is such a bitch

she sneaks around

like butter would not melt

is this a feelings talk?

I ask

or more a bit of a moan?

that’s the problem

with you men she says

you just don’t understand


I wouldn’t mind but

she was always unhappy with me

the way I went aah after a drink

how poorly I spoke French

not that she could would or try

& after she left

I saw her broke down at the side of the road

I didn’t stop because I knew

I’d be fixing that wrong

& I wouldn’t mind but

the bitch looked happy

she said she hated my hair my clothes

the way I snored at night

even the way walked in the street

all was a vexation to her

& I was pleased when she went

later I saw her with her new knuckle dragger

bad hair gorilla in an ill-fitting suit

struggling to cross the street

& I wouldn’t mind

but the bitch

looked happy

still be with you

there was a whole bunch

of shitty tricks stunts pulled

you don’t need details

you’ll have had your own strokes done to you

& when I caught up to ask the why?

it was because I didn’t love her enough

had taken what I had away

& it was her turn to be the bitch

& I tried all gentle

talking in soft tones

as you have to

in the company of the criminally insane

maybe baby

if you hadn’t been such a bitch

there in the first place

I would still be with you