these things you should never do

I went there

slowly back to where I was born

local cottage hospital

& that was no more

new houses planted on the spot

another place & time

the street I remember playing in

ragged homes now holding age

tired at the edges

& not a face I could put feelings on

the field I built my bonfires

had forts warfare battles


everything from there

now needs be held within

all external evidence vanished

sentiment holds time in place

places years & faces

& I know I wanted changes

yet I never knew

I needed something to hold onto


Between the wars

they droned on
about their war
as we ran around
shooting down Messerschmitts
with our spitfires
as they spoke in love
of times before the war
between the wars
the Great war & 2nd
we’d borrow their words
hande hoche fritz
to play our own wars
games of running around
play dead
& now we have no
between the wars
these now bleed into one another
& kids don’t want to play
of weapons of mass destruction
& our old soldiers
feel no glory
in hard fought battles
won for political gains
for there is none