there are

anxious men everywhere

anxious women

anxious people

some show this by being early

others by being late

their anxiety creating confusion

along their ways

these conditions can never be cured

by confident doctors

leading perfect lives of no neuroses

how could they ever understand

that anxiety is as anxiety does

if anxious people have no excuses

how could they really live?

no fun

this looking on

trying to understand people

in the what they do

bean counters of time & emotion

I’m only trying to get by

is what they say

while climbing over others

is what they do

self interest masquerading

as care thoughtfulness

paper thin ego parade

drip charade of tears

the young girl tiptoeing the street

acting doe demure

downcast eyes of modesty

knowing full sure the world is peering in

attentive to every detail

the invisible audience everywhere

& I am looking on

knowing full certain

there is no real fun to be had

in these monkeys with anxiety

trying to fit in

rather than be

spitting it out

she talks of anxiety

& mental illness

coming on

how she hopes to get by

without falling

into that steep dark hole

& I’m listening

I always do

even if my mind is wandering

to times

I hadn’t a clue

what the next day would bring

more hunger more pain

no money blues

the times where I learned

there is no referee umpire

to even up the game

make play fair rules

& getting up

to fall over again

was all I could do

to mark the days