Twice a year

Twice a year

three times if she’s flush

in a tiny calle

middle of Benidorm

she visits to stop & hug

the ancient olive tree

roots spreading over ground

that was there before the tower hotels

the cheap booze bars

1.50 for coffee & brandy or tia maria

eateries vying for your holiday cash

she stops to hug the tree

she & him first met & kissed under

that joyful time long ago

he is gone now

to the great free buffet

all you can eat drink

beer by the jug

there in the great beyond

she stops

hugs the tree

conscious yet ignoring

the gaze of others

lost in the moment

remembering him the care

forgetting the pain loss

empty arms bed she has now

in place of the man she loved

my bill will be presented

I met those cold ancient eyes

there at the cross roads

round midnight

& I asked do you care?

being the cool cat he is

he just laughed

threw that head right back

yeah that would be a twist

you wanna be the man?

he inquired all quiet sly

as the moon swept by

you’ve gotta give up your dreams

that & the fancies of your youth

before you make the world listen

only then can you make headway

find out who you really are

without all that overlay

dig deep be hard & fast with others

y’gotta be cold to get to the top

y’ready to sign in the blood?

er no s’ok I think I’m good

& he laughed again deep & low

you think you can just go?

don’t worry son

my bill will be presented

before too long

& with that he was gone

Ancient houses

Hold treasures

dithery ghosts

that hide

the things you need

to then

put them in plain sight

when you don’t

creaks in floorboards

mad holes in walls


could have been there?

a sighing

in certain winds

cold corners

even spiders ignore

memories under

over wallpapered walls

impressions of heads


messages from builders

now joined the long dead

to enter a room

that a presence

has just left

though you are


on your own today

and to not feel fear


but to know

that ancient houses

hold treasures

without a price