edging on crazy

the man loved her

told her all the day

could not leave her alone

edging on crazy

talking about her

he had all of that going on

full time

driving by the house

checking parked cars

asking questions

on who she’d seen

who dropped by

& he called it love

she called it control

& all we could do

was hope he’d grow

snap out of it

before he killed

what he had

wanting to have it all


I was the back-up man

the rules said

there had to be two

but he could handle everything

so I’d stand around looking glum

thinking on knock off time

wondering on drinks to come

this one this one he said

is a problem her man is at sea

so she’d like to pay old fashioned

I need you awake y’get me?

so I stood all alert camera ready

in case allegations got made

she invited him in he refused

you know I got no money today

can we work it out some other way?

& she smiled in what I guess

she thought was enticing

opening a button two

& it was then I remembered her

maybe five years ago more

working the seafront

looking for drinks

offering company

ok ok he said this is another week

added in you do understand?

ok she said you can go

but your friend can stick around

he’s been here before

& the blush lasted

the rest of the day


wha’da you do all day?

sit & polish fat words?

& the way he said that

yeah he was thinkin’ fat turds

cos that’s what poetry is all about

rhyming stinking blurbs all day

he got taught that in school

poetry gotta rhyme

& I gently tell him


riding his chariot into Rome

heading the victory parade

had a fella stood just behind


remember you are not a god

but just a man

& that my friend

is what poets do

all day