26 degrees

we go there & every time

the heating is on summer winter

at 26 degrees as I sit sweltering

taking off layer after layer

she comes to mine

& needs a jumper cardigan something warm

complains you always have the windows open

& I don’t tell her

the why her being much older

death is closer to her than me now

but I will tell you

I’ve felt the reaper close by

the warm there in hospitals where people die

I was wishing one fella to please just go

around 3 in the a.m. crash crew keeping him going

over & over they resuscitated him

until round 5 he slipped away

while I lay the next bed over

ill’est I’d ever been

wondering if my turn was to come

wanting a window fresh air to blow

make it uncomfortable for the reaper to stay

hovering at 26 degrees