come over see me

& you go wondering on the situation

we’re not kids anymore we know what’s in store

tho’ you feel some trepidation scooting on over

knowing what’s to happen

unless you screw up in some gauche way

she invites you in with a grin to her low-lit place

& you talk for a little while then you need the bathroom

see her toothbrush on the shelf

caked in toothpaste quarter inch thick

think well if she puts that in her mouth…

lift the lid take a piss looking in see the skidmarks marinating long

go back take a drink talk some more

ruminating within will I stay take the bait? find the door?

fumble with your lighter it hits the floor

on your knees scrambling to find see the crap pushed under the sofa

outta sight outta mind eh?

& lord knows your place is not much better than this but yet it is

& even tho’ tonight you’re showing out the urge to run comes on strong

because pleasant woman she is you’ve found another one is a hider

how in the hell can you find the words to tell her

thanks but no thanks ma’am

I’ve got to be on my way something is off here

if I stay longer i’m buying into something I don’t need

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