corporate needs

had a meeting

one I had to lead taken months

to put together feeling nervous

felt the need go sit just before

& not paying attention

my cock pissed thru’ the gap

between seat & porcelain

got my pants all wet down the front

soaked my drawers

I abandoned those there & then

held my work bag across me

walked in sat pulled my chair up tight

just as everybody else filed in

tried to carry on as ever

uncomfortable sitting in stink

& nobody said a word

while I checked for steam rising

wondering if they could smell me too

while we discussed team strategy

the need for honesty in meetings

I pondered on this

how that might not be useful right now

but we got through all of that

into the tedium of team roles

who was suffering who was not

& I let them all file out

made it to the nearest store

bought new pants & drawers

hit the work shower hot

bagged up my old pants for home

went back to the room turned up the a c

finally got some lunch

& sitting eating people came over

how’s things? got any news?

yeah I said yeah not much

& I can laugh about that now

but there was a time

I’d put corporate needs in front

of my own dignity

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