she’d make me forget most nights

in the best possible ways

coming over about ten

bottle of vodka pack of cigarettes

but other nights

she’d start to weigh in around midnight

the booze having taken hold

get all jealous of me & other fictitious women

all in her sozzled & I’d forget

just who I was dealing with here

get to defending

other times I’d be sensible right away

hey you’ve come here

from your husband putting the kids to bed

if you were mine & mine alone

that’s a conversation for then

but the booze had taken hold

her flights of fancy made her crazy mad bold

the screaming would begin

& I’d have to ask her to stfu or leave

my rented rooms top of the house had other tenants

sick of the madness I’d invited in

I’d get crazy too being called these vicious things

& I called her a trollop

which broke the deadlock she started laughing

who calls that these days? but I knew & she knew

that’s exactly what we were dealing with here

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