we’d seen each other in the distance

as I’d made sure to make it that way

then early one morning rushing for the train

I found myself running jumping on

sitting a row or two down from her

I tried busying myself with my paper

but the hostility in her look kept on cutting through

she was staring with hate in her face

so I did what any trooper would do

I got up walked over wobbling

caught by the motion of the train

hi I saw you sitting there you ok?

& she set off with her vicious story

how I’d walked out left her alone

had refused to answer any calls

had given no answers to letters sent

& I sat mute looking at her

waiting waiting for emotion to be spent

I think you’ve forgotten I said  the last night we met

your accusations anger that epic rant

rubbishing everything I was for over an hour

shaming me in front of other people

& for a while I could take on board the things shouted

even tho’ some of it was not about me

but you your frustrations the life you lead

her eyes grew wider she asked I did that?

I had forgotten that was what’d happened

yes & that was why I walked away from you

I had become someone else other than who I was

& that made my presence not needed there

we talked a little more on other things

then I went back found my paper still uninviting

watched the scenery passing instead

at least the hate stare had stopped

but now in the silence there were little sobs instead

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