you have to give them five minutes or more

let them know you’re really listening

& people will tell you anything everything

fella had a government job now

the kind where integrity is meant to count

& as we had nowhere to go

had our no judgement faces on

he opened up some about himself

slight hint of glint in his eyes

I was thirteen fourteen had this fetish

about hair womens’ hair that is

he rushed on: I’m no pervert…

I set myself up corner of a street

& when a woman came by I spun a story

of doing research would wash her hair

two products for her to say which one was best

the third or fourth along one said yes

took me to her home luckily no one else was there

& as she leant over the tub as I soaped that lovely head

washed her long hair twice

& she chose one as the best so I left that there as a gift

dunno how I got away with that & I never did it again….

the glint left his eyes like a doll running down

& for a minute or two nobody looked in each others eyes

was this truth? was this for real?

some other story told in disguise?

we never spoke of this ever again

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