Horse IV

the man could swing a great yarn

I’d give him my time tho’ he had none for my friends

or the others in that now long closed bar

& when the money was gone

he could sit there silent forever

I’d send a beer over

nod touch of the head was all I got

but man I could piss him off

sit still! he’d shout stop shaking the world

listen son there are things will come to you

you can run now walk fast take on grown men

but let me tell you none of that lasts

there will come a time getting out of the tub

walking to get the paper just sitting watching the box

will cause pain you’ve never seen the like

there will be aches in joints ice along your bones

your arms legs guts head won’t do whatever you want

you need to ask what they did once speed of light

& everything you do now will bring that in

think of that when you hit the blacktop riding your bike

get in another fist fight close of the bar night

push yourself too far burning up the world

what I’m telling you will come to you

I looked in his eyes he was telling no lies

but i knew he knew there’d be no telling

this young man full of energy fighting the world

much like him once

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