on faith

through a friend of a friend

an old bmw bike for cheap

& we go visit with a cheap hire van

(there is a trend here)

corner of a green field top of a hill

caravan hidden by raggedy bushes

pile of trash all around

I spy an oscilloscope

looks like it came from 1972

lying on the ground

I say nice place you got here

he says back yeah been here for 20

it’s out of petrol so can’t start it

here are the keys & erm

I spilt last nights curry on the papers

what to do: buy unheard running?

or just walk away?

I give him the money take it on faith

as my friend & him go backaways

& back at the lair I put fresh gas in

take out the plugs clean them

wire brush then burn off the black

charge the battery open the taps

& she starts after a cough or two

raises a steady cloud of smoke

I ease off the choke

& she settles into that bmw

rattly sewing machine hum

we live again

on faith

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