about sixty miles out

there’s a pull in food truck

looking after the truckers farmers

in that remote spot

Me & my brother from another

meet up there

him from the north me from the south

in cold weather to get warmth

in bright days to ease

& most times we sit in silence

we go way back when

& have not got much to say now

after we’ve done the niceties

until Bang turns up

an old beat-up pick hard shell over

will drive in & the driver flips the tail gate

sitting there are ten or dozen gun dogs

spaniels of many colours sizes

they won’t move because they are trained

but one comes as he calls: Bang

a beautiful black cocker springer mix

Bang runs all around us excited

while the driver gets his coffee

so we end up throwing sticks

vying for the attention the fun

of Bang

& we will of course take pictures

to show our women

for them to coo over

which they don’t do much these days

for us

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