must have a book out

this academic woman on the tv talking all about women

& I’m only half listening until she turns it up full

how horrible men are only women are kind

& I’m thinking

are we talking on the same thing?

as I recall women who turned up suitcase in hand

telling stories of rotten men troubled fathers beating mothers

who in turn later robbed me not just the cigarettes booze

but of life money time peace of mind

promised to fuck my brains out leave nothing but a dead life

women saying black was white to hide their crimes

in love betrayals of all miserable kinds

those beauties with hate in their hearts stealing me blind

coming home from work finding everything gone

leaving only a two word note behind goodbye sucker

her book like the fawning presenter does not know such women

not all women are angels not all men are devils

most of us sad souls are but a poor mixture of the two

& there lies the fault line unless the gutter is included

we can never see reach for the future see what is true

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