compassion as compassion can

she is aged now frail

comes round or better said

is picked up brought around

for dinner later delivered home

still wanting the world to be

in any way she chooses


I will dutifully push the wheelchair

settle her down with sherry before

inch of red during her meal

& later after she has gone

forget the ever-present animosity

now because of age unable to be hidden

by a smiling face soft delivery of curse

for me being the despoiler of her daughter

taker of attention from matriarch command


I will clean the faint stains she leaves on walls

pick up her tissues careless leavings done

because I was never the bad person here

nor to try & prove her in her doings wrong

she will never see these as she never did then

I was just the one who was in her sights those years

stopped her from getting her frivolous biddings done

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