did not want

he was pushing coke on me

there at the funeral

that I did not want

I‘d driven couple hundred to get there

same of course to get back

needed a clear head but no

he was a coke dealer

had the baggies wanted needed to sell

& I took a left then a right nostril

seeing snowflakes on my black coat

haunting of a scene years before

black beauty did not want me to come inside her

demanded I come on her stomach to show

& I had not thought of her in years

I’d not transgressed then but now…

good eh? he demanded to know

buzzing the funeral for our absent friend

in a daze playing head movies

over thinking each second moment

I did not want to get fucked up for this

& then

driving home remembering our times gone

the future he did not want

while I drove high as the clouds he’d joined

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