punta arenas

walking into a bar I’d not been for years

fella found my elbow steered me through the crowd

& I could tell he wanted me to be the buyer

though I hardly remembered his face

I bought us beers & a brandy chaser

how can I help you he asked all foxy sly

letting me know it was him wanted from me

I thought I’d drop by see if K was around

she used to drink here years ago

he thought for a minute

leaned back motioned the barman for more

you know she left S right?

he cried for days sent people to try & find her

you’re not one of those?

we drank some more as I tell him no

I’m here for me just an old friend saying hello

I saw him look over my shoulder

I gotta go but I think she’ll be here soon

it’d be only a few seconds later a tap on my arm

& I turned to look into the face of K

I saw you with that creep what did he want?

he was going to tell me how to find you I said

humph she went he knows I come here most days

around this time to meet up with friends

about then I thought of punta arenas

before you get to the town the smell of the slaughterhouse

attaches to you your nose clogs infects your clothes

today was the stink of the man who’d played me

worked the odds for a drink or two

just a hustler hustling

the only thing he knows

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