purple bougainvillea

late Sunday afternoon

gathering purple bougainvillea cuttings

outside an abandoned house

dusty quiet side road Benidorm Spain

experimenting 20 cuttings in water

20 in local mud from around the roots

I’m feeling no pain with the heat & warmth

& very possibly the 1euro beers had

when she weaves into view with her man

whatcha doin? she asks rhetorically

as she can see full well the scene

cuttings in a jar scissors in hand

I’m taking bougainvillea cuttings I offer

oh I can never make those to take

how are you doing it?

& I tell her I’m trying 20 in water 20 in mud

ooh that’s a great idea she says

the secret to having green thumbs I tell her

is to take 20 cuttings & if 1 takes

yer a green thumbed garden wizard harry

hey she yells to her man who is stumbling on

this fella ses if I take 20 cuttings & if one takes

I got green thumbs!

it was about then that I quit

still having euros to spend

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