we were not that


very early in the a.m.

came a knock at the door

there they were the police

wanting to talk of a murder

done many years before

claiming me & dave spade

had killed a man taken his body

out to the backwoods buried him deep

carried on our lives

as though nothing had happened

& I wanted time to think explore

had we repressed this?

been so callous taken life so cheap

left no evidence just to carry on to forget

keep our conscience clear?

& when I woke still feeling some cloud of guilt

I rang the dave spade suggested we meet

but by the time we got together

this was no more than a crazy dream

we laughed it over spoke of the stupid things

our escapades dangerous times in youth

how capable of we were then in that hazy living brings

but no we’d never taken that backwoods walk

whatever we were

we were not that

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