I was feeling good had a glass in my hand

& from where I was sat could see more to be had

which is a good thing at 2 am

when she sat down next to me holding a glass of something red

so how’d you know Bob?


the guy whose party this is

oh that Bob from the bar the pub y’know around

& what do you do?

I make a living & you?

she liked this began talking

she did something with telling people what to do

while i eyed the booze on the table bar

you want a refill? thinking not to be a hog

got her a glass of red & more thinking juice for me

what’s your ambition? she asked next

to sit here drink some more enjoy the party

no no no I mean in life what’s next for you?

oh you know earn some money get on some


& that started her engines again for another while

something about promotion in telling people what to do

marriage babies nice house good car & on

would you like a refill? feeling generous with the house booze

oh no I think I’ve had enough haven’t you?

I’m ok might sit here a while longer enjoy the place

she got up smiled all sweet it’s been nice talking to you

as I got up got a refill thinking of a stray bullet dodged

yes I guess it was nice talking to me

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