to live out my days

wake with the sun

orange juice & coffee

to start the heart day

maybe a pain de raison

if hungry

walk to the sandy beach

that never gets below 12 degrees

a body needs seasons


bodyboard if there is surf

paddleboard if none

pick up a baguette pain

on the way home


get dressed for the day

pop out to the market

to buy veg if needed

meat if not

coffee & a cheap brandy

watch the world pass by

then wander home

for a light lunch

the pain cheese tomato olive oil

then maybe a siesta

or tend the plants

from a chair on the terrace

to walk out of an evening

couple of beers

some tapas

maybe wine if necessary

with friends

oh man he says

where is the ambition in that?

yeah man I say

isn’t that ambitious enough?

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