drinking my wine

she’s drinking my wine

sitting in my chair

Christ on a bike! I think

is this bitch goading me?

she’s already dropped the line

once a teacher always a teacher

with a leery lopsided grin

sucking on my good wine

fat ass sprawled in my favourite chair

telling me how she could be a therapist

no training no philosophy ethics sense

ranting on life issues

like she has lived a thousand lives

not the quiet one she leads

watching tv the soaps quiz shows

snapping answers to feel clever superior

now she thinks the poetry is easy

all ya gotta do she says loud

is put rhymes end of lines

make it sound da da da da Da!

I feel violence in the air

throbbing purple between my ears

checking my watch thinking

I can last for another half hour of this

then she’ll leave go home to silence

meantime I check out the kitchen

the bathroom bedrooms hallways

yep all still there as her voice drones on

tongue thickened by my good wine

& insensitivity

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